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I, MYSELF and ME (Workshops/Courses/Inspirational Presentations)

The AccepTTranscend journey includes the exploration of different levels of community, starting with the inner community of sub-personalities; the diverse parts of our psyches that have developed in reaction to life circumstances. Do you have a brutal inner critic, an angry child who sabotages your successes, or a rebellious adolescent who doesn’t listen when you plead with her to let you be an adult now?

Sub-personalities generally live outside the conscious mind. They can have a powerful effect on our lives and are often responsible for patterns of behaviour that limit us or cause problems in our relationships.

I, Myself and Me helps participants to identify their most prominent sub-personalities, learning why they exist, what they need and how we can integrate them to make way for positive change.

This workshop is both fascinating and fun. Prepare to meet some colourful characters, and transform your inner community through the healing power of self-compassion.




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