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Throughout the ages, women have been required to be, and not to be, many things.
As a little girl I was required to be quiet, demure, pretty, delicate, polite, obedient, sweet, helpful and subservient to boys. I was required not to be boisterous, loud, demanding, “too brave”, muddy, fascinated, curious, wild, angry or self-sufficient… (read blog)


Woman Undiluted offers a refreshing and empowering way to celebrate being a woman in an era that is calling for the active expression of feminine power to transform our individual lives and ailing world.

Being a woman can be an endless, glorious adventure. But before we can truly celebrate our womanhood and become the people we were born to be, we often need to reject the division, conditioning and illusions that have diluted us through  years of trying to fit the moulds and stereotyped prescribed by others.

Woman Undiluted invites you to be part of a global network of women and girls from diverse backgrounds who are ready to unite, explore, embrace and celebrate our authentic, undiluted selves, transform our lives and change our world. As we learn to cherish the spark that flickers within each of us we can collectively ignite a blaze to consume that which has limited us, and light the way to a luminous future.



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Fat to Beautiful in just 10 hours!

By | February 12th, 2018|Categories: AccepTTranscend, Uncategorised, Woman Undiluted|

Today, ten people told me I am beautiful. They were not referring to my personality, but to my body. My 57-year-old, plus-size, battered, resilient, brilliant body. I am in Soweto, South Africa, where Bigger is [...]

A Moment of Joy, A Lifetime of Happiness

By | November 12th, 2017|Categories: Positively Mental, Uncategorised, Woman Undiluted|

For many people, Happiness is a holy grail; longed-for, searched for, but elusive. We invest huge amounts of time, energy and money in the search. We work to be able to buy what we believe [...]

Becoming Vegetarian (then Vegan) – It’s Never Too Late!

By | October 1st, 2017|Categories: AccepTTranscend, Positively Mental, Woman Undiluted|

Until my fifties, I was an enthusiastic meat-eater. I had always felt vaguely uncomfortable about this, aware as I was of the multiple evils of industrialised agricultural farming, and I tried to eat free-range chicken [...]

The Eternal Gift of Not Choosing Suicide

By | September 22nd, 2017|Categories: AccepTTranscend, Positively Mental, Uncategorised, Woman Undiluted|

  Waking inexplicably at 3.30am and frustrated by continuing sleeplessness, I just logged on to twitter, where I found a post by a woman whose therapist suggested she write a letter to herself to read [...]

Togetherness & Solitude: The Exquisite Balance

By | August 24th, 2017|Categories: AccepTTranscend, Positively Mental, Woman Undiluted|

Many of the women I work with, in my workshops and one-to-one sessions, are unhappy regarding relationships. Perhaps their partnership lacks vitality, or they are single and despairing of ever being happily paired with a [...]


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