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Woman Undiluted was founded by Tam Martin Fowles following many years’ work with women of all ages from very diverse backgrounds and cultures.

As a project manager in the UK charitable sector and founder and CEO of social enterprise Hope in the Heart, and therapist/group facilitator using her AccepTTranscend Model for Transformation, Tam repeatedly found that uniting women in a spirit of empathy and mutual support enabled them to transcend barriers and create a joyful and empowered collective of all-age “Sisters”, inspiring and inspired by each other to create positive change in their lives, communities and world.

Woman Undiluted works as a sister-organisation to Hope in the Heart, bringing women together to recognise the full magnificence of their unique and collective feminine essence, in mutual support, encouragment and celebration, leading to richer, happier more meaningful lives.

When we transcend divisive barriers and recognise our own and each other’s magnificence, we cannot help but transform ourselves and the world we live in.

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