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Hope in the Heart is a social enterprise founded by Tam in 2012. It has provided free and subsidised services for countless people, on several continents, who have experienced adversity and wish to make positive change in their lives, communities and world. Celebrating and empowering women has gradually become a major focus. Fundraising has always been a challenge, and Woman Undiluted has been created in part to address this.

Woman Undiluted aims to support Hope in the Heart in continuing to deliver quality services to women experiencing hardship or challenging circumstances. A portion of all income received through Woman Undiluted will be invested in Hope in the Heart, and Woman Undiluted services will, where possible, be offered at a concessionary rate through Hope in the Heart to women who will benefit from them.

If you would like to directly support Hope in the Heart’s services for women, please visit our donor page and give the reference “Woman Undiluted” with your donation. Many thanks.



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