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  • What stands between you and your most authentic self?
  • What has diluted your feminine power and limited your capacity for joyous fulfilment and effectiveness in the world?
  • How can you reclaim your true essence and learn to embrace the life you were born to live?


Woman Undiluted seeks to create a network of women who wish to live authentically, empathically and joyfully beyond the barriers that dilute our feminine power and divide us from each other.

If you:

  •  Feel you are not living to your highest potential, and yearn for more
  • Are at a crossroads and need to be accompanied and guided in the direction that feels most like home
  • Don’t know if you have greatness in you, but would like to find out
  • Long to connect with other women to share empathy, compassion and wisdom beyond division
  • Love life and know you have further to go in embracing its adventure
  • Yearn to Make A Difference in our beautiful, ailing world
  • Have valuable resources and experiences to share with others, and wish to inspire and be inspired…
    This could be the course for you.

When women come together in the spirit of positive transformation, magic happens! The time is ripe to celebrate the amazing woman you truly are, and change your own life and the world you live in.

Available as a generic or bespoke workshop or course. Contact Tam for more information


Cherish the Spark