Services: The Full Life Beyond the Empty Nest 2017-09-27T23:49:11+01:00

  • Your chicks have flown and suddenly your world has lost its centre.
  • You have been caring for others for so long you don’t quite remember how to care for yourself – or even who you truly are.
  • Your heart is sore, but somewhere deep you feel a spark of excitement waiting to ignite.
  • You wonder how to take the first steps towards a future of potential beyond your imagination.
  • You need support to venture out of the chrysalis of motherhood and find your wings.



The emotional impact of the emptying nest can shock you with its raw intensity. But this is a time of transformation like no other. Aware of our mortality, and suddenly blessed with time and energy to spare, we need to find a way of spending these that will bring joy and fulfilment and a new meaning to our lives.

The union of women who are grieving and growing beyond the empty nest creates a blazing fire of possibility from all the sparks of nascent excitement and creativity. Tears make way for laughter as the emptiness is filled with possibility, adventure and purposeful intent.

Beyond the empty nest, the sky’s the limit. We have amassed a wealth of wisdom without realising it, and our young people are not the only ones ready to fly!




Cherish the Spark