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Throughout the ages, women have been required to be, and not to be, many things.
As a little girl I was required to be quiet, demure, pretty, delicate, polite, obedient, sweet, helpful and subservient to boys. I was required not to be boisterous, loud, demanding, “too brave”, muddy, fascinated, curious, wild, angry or self-sufficient… (read blog)


Woman Undiluted offers a refreshing and empowering way to celebrate being a woman in an era that is calling for the active expression of feminine power to transform our individual lives and ailing world.

Being a woman can be an endless, glorious adventure. But before we can truly celebrate our womanhood and become the people we were born to be, we often need to reject the division, conditioning and illusions that have diluted us through  years of trying to fit the moulds and stereotyped prescribed by others.

Woman Undiluted invites you to be part of a global network of women and girls from diverse backgrounds who are ready to unite, explore, embrace and celebrate our authentic, undiluted selves, transform our lives and change our world. As we learn to cherish the spark that flickers within each of us we can collectively ignite a blaze to consume that which has limited us, and light the way to a luminous future.



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I’ve got big breasts. I have had since, at the age of 11, the startling bumps that had recently appeared on my little-girl chest suddenly inflated into something with a definite cleavage. Mortified with shame, [...]

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It’s March today! Flowers are blooming, buds erupting on the trees, and blossoms appearing everywhere. I didn’t see it coming, in this new environment of mine. The huge magnolia tree that’s heralded the start of [...]


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