“Choose Life!” – The Eternal Gift of Not Committing Suicide

  Waking inexplicably at 3.30am and frustrated by continuing sleeplessness, I just logged on to twitter, where I found a post by a woman whose therapist suggested she write a letter to herself to read when she felt suicidal. I was catapulted to a different time, 28 years ago, when I was young and also [...]

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Undiluting Across Generations

One of the great joys of my life is in spending time with younger women - something which, as the mother of two daughters aged 32 and 22, I am privileged to enjoy a lot.  I love younger women's vibrancy, their perspectives on a world quite different from my own, their fresh enthusiasm and questioning [...]

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Chin-hair, jowls, migrating memory: Self-Compassion & the Ageing Process

Today I made a new discovery: My potential for a career as a jewellery model is spent. I have a saggy neck. And jowls. Fifty-seven years of gravity are taking their toll on yet another part of my body. I am currently creating an online shop; another “first” in a year of adventurous departures from [...]

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